Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Centre for Emotion (AICE)

Pum Kommattam’s team win summer school competition

25 September 2015

Team awarded 800 euros for research project includes AICE PhD student Pum Kommattam

AICE PhD students Xia Fang and Pum Kommattam recently visited the  summer school on emotion expression in human and non-human communication in Göttingen, organized by Prof. Annekathrin Schacht (Georg-August-University Göttingen) and Prof. Julia Fischer (German Primate Center Göttingen). It was an inspiring week with guest lecturers from Prof. Sonja Kotz, Prof. Michael Mendel, and Prof. Klaus Scherer, as well as intense collaborations of PhD candidates from psychology, biology, and philosophy. Under guidance of Prof. Katja Liebal, Dr. Linda Schneider, and Dr. Manuela Lembeck,  Hannah Nohlen (University of Amsterdam), Matthias Allritz (University of Halle), Wiebke Hammerschmidt (University of Göttingen), Keshun Zhang (University of Konstanz), and AICE PhD student Pum Kommattam (University of Amsterdam) won the best project award of 800 Euros for a research project on gaze patterns in the perception of ambiguous emotions. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible, and congratulations to Pum and his team!

Published by  Psychologie