Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Centre for Emotion (AICE)

Grant for PhD position on the role of emotions in science interest for Maien Sachisthal

NWO grant awarded for the PhD project across Developmental Psychology and Child Development and Education

16 September 2016

In the PhD project with the title “ASAP Science – Motivation in Science Video Watching: The Role of Individual Differences and Video Characteristics,” Maien Sachisthal will investigate how different video characteristics, specifically emotion-based vs. content-based videos, influence motivation to watch science videos. The goal is to create a model to ultimately match video characteristics to children’s level of interest to foster motivation. The project is funded by a NWO (The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) grant through the Research Priority Area Yield at the University of Amsterdam, with Prof. Maartje Raijmakers of Developmental Psychology as the main promoter and Prof. Thea Peetsma, Dr. Brenda Jansen, Dr. Thomas Jaarsma and Prof. Han van der Maas as co-applicants.

Published by  Psychologie