Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Centre for Emotion (AICE)

The Authors

The Amsterdam Dynamic Facial Expression Set (ADFES)

Job van der Schalk

Job van der Schalk currently is a Research Associate at the School of Psychology, Cardiff University, UK. His research focuses on responses to emotions of others and cooperative behavior. He received his PhD at the University of Amsterdam with the thesis “Echoing emotions: Reactions to emotional displays in intergroup context” (2010).

Skyler Hawk

Skyler Hawk currently works as a postdoctoral fellow at the Research Centre for Adolescent Development, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. His research focuses on empathy and conflict resolution in families, as well as experiences of parental privacy invasion in adolescence. He obtained his PhD at the University of Amsterdam with the dissertation “Changing channels: Flexibility in empathic emotion processes” (2010).

Agneta Fischer

Agneta Fischer is a full professor in the Social Psychology group and director of the Psychology Research Institute at the University of Amsterdam. She has conducted research on various themes in emotion psychology, such as the role of culture and gender on emotion, social contextual influences on facial expression and recognition of emotions, and on more specific emotions, such as anger and contempt.

Bertjan Doosje

Bertjan Doosje is Professor at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. His research interests include intergroup relations, group-based emotions, terrorism, and the terror management theory. He has published numerous journal articles and has written and co-edited books on social identity theory, group-based guilt, and terrorism. He is an Associate Editor of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations.

Published by  PRI

31 August 2015