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The CERE conferences

Consortium of European Research on Emotion (CERE)

One of the reasons CERE was founded, was the relative neglect of emotions in traditional areas of psychological research. Whereas the importance of emotions was implicitly recognized in topics like development, memory, learning, group formation, decision making, mental disorders, and many other areas of research, hardly any explicit attention was paid to the role of emotions. CERE, like ISRE (the International Society of Research on Emotion), wanted to fill the gap and to advance emotion theory and research especially within a European context.

We may conclude that these attempts have been successful, because we have witnessed an explosion of emotion research during the last decade, and many of the CERE participants have become well-respected researchers in the emotion area. With this expansion of emotion research, however, it is also evident that the number of emotion researchers within Europe has grown enormously, and that the majority of them are not included in CERE.

This is the main reason why CERE organizes these European conferences on Emotion. The major goal is to create a platform for European emotion research, to promote collaboration between European researchers, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas, methods and information.