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Kobi Israelashvili together with Suzanne Oosterwijk, Disa Sauer and Agneta Fischer recently published an article in Cognition and Emotion

Does the cognitive knowledge that we use to understand our own emotional experience also relate to understanding the emotions of others? One kind of knowledge used in understanding one’s own emotion is Emotion Differentiation, which reflects the extent to which people make fine-grained distinctions between emotions. Although the relationship between emotion differentiation and subjective wellbeing is well-established, it is still an unclear to what extent emotion differentiation also relates to a person’s interpersonal emotion skills. In this study we examine whether people who differentiate between their own experienced emotions are also more accurate in recognizing other people’s emotions. Across two studies, we find compelling evidence that emotion differentiation is associated with better recognition of others’ emotions, as indicated by performance on various emotion recognition tests.

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