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Agneta Fischer and Jan Willen Duyvendak (sociology) received a grant for their cooperation in a H2020 project, called DEMOS, in which the socio-economic, social psychological, emotional and cognitive mechanisms linked to populist sentiments are examined. DEMOS will combine insights from several disciplines using a methodological mix that includes experimental research, deliberative polling, text mining techniques, survey research, interpretive analysis, legal analysis and theoretical research. The first goal of of the project is to test the core assumption that populist arguments are grounded in sentiments about one’s position in the current society. One’s social identity shapes the type of emotions that one feels for refugees/immigrants and elite groups and these emotions are the basis for populist attitudes. This relationship, however, may be influenced by various country-level and social structural factors that will be investigated at a cross-national level. They will further examine different predictors of populist attitudes in experimental settings, conduct interviews with focus groups of people who favor populist views and analyze social media and main stream media on the presence of specific emotions in conversations about different types of groups (including the elite). David Abadi is hired as a postdoc on this project.