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An interview with Aice member Agneta Fischer on understanding hate is published in Psychology Today.

Agneta Fischer shared her insights on the psychology of hate in Psychology Today. She discusses many aspects of hate including the differences between hate, anger, and comtempt, physiology of hate as well as strategies to deal with hate.

"Hate, it appears, sings with a different cadence throughout our lifetime. When we first learn of it, it’s foreign, formidable and forbidden, almost like a curse word. During hormone-fueled adolescence, hate suddenly becomes more accessible. Now it sounds like a pesky jingle dedicated to just about anything—from Brussel sprouts to math teachers.

All through adulthood, its catchy rhythms might linger on our screens and in our hearts. But as seasons pass, we yearn to distance ourselves from its jarring chords. Hate becomes too dissonant of an opus to endure, or in Martin Luther King Jr.’s words, “too great a burden to bear.”

Here are nine insights on hate from psychologist Agneta Fischer and her research on this searing emotion."

Link to the interview