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"Foundations of Affective Social Learning: Conceptualizing the Social Transmission of Value" co-edited by AICE member Daniel Dukes is published.

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The goal of this edited book is to designate, beside behaviour and knowledge, another area where social learning is required to assure the transmission of any given culture: values. With expert contributions from leading researchers in comparative, developmental, social and cultural psychology, this book takes a holistic approach to understanding how those values are transmitted.

This book is aimed at the lay person and experienced researcher alike – anyone, in fact, who looks to understand how we come to value the objects, people, ideas etc. around us. While some of those objects have intrinsic value, most of them become important to us in some way through the eyes of the other. This book proposes a novel concept which explains the mechanisms underpinning that process, and helps to better understand and appreciate how, in this unique time in society where one side discusses alternative facts and the other makes accusations of fake news, cultures of value are transmitted and perpetuated.

Foundations of Affective Social Learning: Conceptualizing the Social Transmission of Value is edited by AICE member Daniel Dukes together with Fabrice Clément of University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It also includes chapters written by AICE members Agneta Fischer and Jozefien de Leersnyder.

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