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AICE researcher Lisanne Pauw successfully defends her dissertation and talks about her PhD work in the media.

On 17th of January, AICE researcher Lisanne Pauw defended her PhD dissertation titled “A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved? On the Dyadic Nature of Emotion Regulation”. Her supervisors were Disa Sauter, Gerben van Kleef and Agneta Fischer.

Lisanne also talked about her PhD work in the media. Surrounding her PhD defense, she gave several interviews about the research she conducted as part of her PhD thesis on the dyadic nature of emotion regulation. Click here to read the articles in: VolkskrantFoliaNemo KennislinkNRCMetro Nieuws and RTL Nieuws. Also, the curious reader may keep an out eye out for the Quest (issued 6th of February) and Algemeen Dagblad of the 22nd of February.

She is now based at WWU Münster, where she will continue to study interpersonal emotion dynamics in the context of close relationships, working together with prof. Anne Milek.

Link to her webpage:

Congratulations Lisanne!