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From March 2021, Dr. Milica Nikolić will start working as an assistant professor at Research Institute of Child Development and Education, University of Amsterdam.

AICE member Dr. Milica Nikolić is appointed assistant professor in the developmental psychopathology group at Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, UvA.

Her research interests evolve around the development of social emotions and social cognition in children. She is interested in understanding how children feel in social situations, how they think about other people, and how these feelings and thoughts influence the onset of children's social problems on one hand and their social adjustment on the other hand. She investigates how social self-conscious emotions, such as shyness, shame, and guilt and related social cognitive abilities develop from infancy through childhood and how the disturbances in these emotions (for example, excessive or lack of shame) and cognitions influence healthy development (e.g., prosocial behaviours) and atypical development (e.g., psychopathological symptoms, such as social anxiety and autistic traits).

Dr Nikolić's recent work includes investigating neural mechanism of social emotions and investigating parental factors in the development of social emotions. With the new appointment as an assistant professor in the developmental psychopathology group at FMG, UvA, she plans to continue her work on the development, parental socialization, and social functions of children's self-conscious emotions.

Congratulations Milica!