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Results: 21 - 40 of 62
Results: 21 - 40 of 62
  • Shahira Sharaf has received a grant from the Amsterdam University Fund
    12 Dec 2019
    AICE member Shahira Sharaf has received a grant to investigate the emotional experiences of asylum seekers.
  • AICE researchers receive Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Talent grant
    28 Nov 2019
    AICE researchers Milica Nikolic and Disa Sauter won the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Talent grant for studying neural mechanisms of self-conscious emotions in socially anxious adolescents.
  • An interview with Agneta Fischer
    27 Nov 2019
    An interview with Aice member Agneta Fischer on understanding hate is published in Psychology Today.
  • Graduate Collaborative Research Award 2019
    1 Oct 2019
    AICE Researchers Kunalan Manokara and Tiarah Engels win a small grant to evaluate the social consequences of positive emotions.
  • Creative Commons
    New book on affective social learning
    15 Sep 2019
    "Foundations of Affective Social Learning: Conceptualizing the Social Transmission of Value" co-edited by AICE member Daniel Dukes is published.
  • Disa Sauter
    New research on human emotional vocalisations: Are they learned or innate?
    11 Sep 2019
    In a new research, AICE member Disa Sauter and her team test whether emotional expressions are shaped by innate specialised mechanisms that guide learning, or whether they develop exclusively from learning.
  • Milica Nikolic wins an award
    5 Sep 2019
    AICE member Milica Nikolic received the George Butterworth Young Scientist Award from the European Association of Developmental Psychology.
  • Disa Sauter
    Lisanne Pauw finished her PhD dissertation
    2 Sep 2019
    Lisanne Pauw finished her PhD dissertation on the dyadic nature of emotion regulation under the supervision of Disa Sauter, Gerben van Kleef and Agneta Fischer.
  • Emotion Methodology workshop
    New article on revealing a richer taxonomy of emotion
    19 Aug 2019
    AICE member Disa Sauter, together with others, propose an approach for moving beyond the basic six to a high dimensional taxonomy of emotion.
  • Jacob Israelashvili has received Small Research Grant
    5 Aug 2019
    Jacob Israelashvili, an AICE researcher, has received a Small Research Grant from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP).
  • Dynamic parts face
    New article on how intranasal oxytocin nasal spray influences emotion mimicry
    5 Aug 2019
    AICE members show that oxytocin facilitates emotional mimicry in ways that are conducive to affiliation, pointing to a possible pathway through which oxytocin promotes social bonding.
  • Research team of Rui Sun wins "best project" prize
    2 Aug 2019
    Research team of Rui Sun won the "best project" prize in the third Summer School Series on Methods for Computational Social Science on the topic of Analyzing Multimedia Data.
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    New study on emotional intelligence and childhood social anxiety
    4 Jun 2019
    In a new study, AICE researcher Milica Nikolić together with colleagues show that social anxiety linked to both low and advanced emotional intelligence in children.
    New article on self‐referential processing in the brain during awe
    4 Jun 2019
    What happens in the brain when we feel awe? New research suggests that a key feature of the experience of awe is a reduced engagement in self‐referential processing.
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    New paper on intensity bias in interethnic emotion perception
    21 May 2019
    In a new study, AICE researcher Agneta Fischer together with Pum Kommattam and Kai Jonas test the hypothesis that individuals perceive facial expressions of emotions in ethnic outgroup members as less intense than ...
  • World flags
    New article on cross-cultural emotion recognition
    14 Mar 2019
    Are Dutch and Japanese people able to understand each other’s nonverbal expressions of emotions? AICE researcher Disa Sauter and Michiko Yoshie conducted a cross-cultural experiment.
  • Amandine Lassalle leaving
    12 Mar 2019
    AICE member Amandine Lassalle will start working at at the CoPAN (Comparative Psychology and Affective Neuroscience) laboratory of Leiden University.
  • AICE researchers publish new paper on interpersonal emotion regulation
    7 Mar 2019
    Lisanne Pauw together with Disa Sauter, Gerben van Kleef and Agneta Fischer recently published an article in Cognition and Emotion.
  • europe
    AICE researchers publish new paper in JESP
    25 Feb 2019
    Why is it that Easterners are typically poorer at categorizing some emotional facial expressions than Westerners? AICE researchers publish new paper on cultural differences in emotion perception.
  • Disa Sauter
    Disa Sauter receives Swiss Scientific Exchange grant
    14 Feb 2019
    Disa Sauter has, together with Marcello Mortillaro, received a Scientific Exchange grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.