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Ms R.G. (Roza) Kamiloglu MA

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group Social Psychology

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  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 129
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    I completed my B.A in Psychology and B.S (Hons) in Physics with double major program at Koç University, Turkey followed by a masters in Social Psychology from the same university (2016). Upon my graduation, I worked as a researcher at Utrecht University on olfactory modality as a medium of social communication. In my PhD project, under the supervision of Disa Sauter and Agneta Fischer, I am working on nonverbal vocal expressions associated with specific positive emotions across cultures and the lifespan.

  • Publications


    • Kamiloglu, R. G., & Sauter, D. A. (Accepted/In press). Posed and spontaneous nonverbal vocalizations of positive emotions: Acoustic analysis and perceptual judgments. In Proceedings of Laughter Workshop Bielefeld.
    • Kamiloglu, R. G., Fischer, A. H., & Sauter, D. A. (2020). Good Vibrations: A Review of Vocal Expressions of Positive Emotions. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 27(2), 237-265.
    • Kamiloglu, R. G., Slocombe, K. E., Haun, D. B. M., & Sauter, D. A. (Accepted/In press). Human Listeners’ Perception of Behavioural Context and Core Affect Dimensions in Chimpanzee Vocalisations. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.


    • Sauter, D. A., Crasborn, O., Engels, T. F. S., Kamiloglu, R. G., Sun, R., Eisner, F., & Haun, D. B. M. (2019). Human emotional vocalisations can develop in the absence of auditory learning. Emotion.


    • Cemalcilar, Z., Baruh, L., Kezer, M., Kamiloglu, R. G., & Nigdeli, B. (2018). Role of personality traits in first impressions: An investigation of actual and perceived personality similarity effects on interpersonal attraction across communication modalities. Journal of Research in Personality, 76, 139-149. [details]
    • Kamiloğlu, R. G., Smeets, M. A. M., de Groot, J. H. B., & Semin, G. R. (2018). Fear Odor Facilitates the Detection of Fear Expressions Over Other Negative Expressions. Chemical Senses, 43(6), 419-426. [details]
    • Klein, R. A., Vianello, M., Hasselman, F., Adams, B. G., Adams, R. B., Alper, S., ... Nosek, B. A. (2018). Many Labs 2: Investigating Variation in Replicability Across Samples and Settings. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 1(4), 443-490. [details]


    • Kamiloglu, R. (2017). Dancker Daamen Award.
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