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Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Centre for Emotion (AICE)

At AICE we study emotions using a range of methods and approaches. We are based at the University of Amsterdam.
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Disa Sauter receives Swiss Scientific Exchange grant
14 February 2019
Disa Sauter has, together with Marcello Mortillaro, received a Scientific Exchange grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.
Refugees in Science grant recipient Shahira Sharaf joins AICE
14 February 2019
As part of the NWO pilot program Refugees in Science, Shahira Sharaf has received a one-year appointment to continue her scientific career in the Netherlands.
AICE researchers publish paper in Cognition and Emotion
10 February 2019
Kobi Israelashvili together with Suzanne Oosterwijk, Disa Sauer and Agneta Fischer recently published an article in Cognition and Emotion

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