Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Centre for Emotion (AICE)

AICE PhD student Lisanne Pauw awarded travel grants

Lisanne Pauw will conduct research at USC thanks to several grants

13 September 2017

Lisanne Pauw will visit the Institute for Creative Technologies of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, for three months. Lisanne will be conducting a study in collaboration with Jonathan Gratch and Gale Lucas on interpersonal emotion regulation. Using advanced technologies, participants will share emotional situations with an avatar, which will be programmed to provide either emotional or cognitive support. This enables the study of individuals’ responses to different types of support in a natural conversation, while keeping experimental control high. Grants to fund this trip included a €3000 UvA385 grant awarded by the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University Fund, a €1000 EASP travel grant and €580 of the Dutch Society of Women with Higher Education.

Published by  PRI