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Nonverbal vocalizations of emotions include sounds like laughter, screams, and sighs. Validated sets of vocalizations from France, Japan, Namibia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States are available.

Validated sets of vocalizations from the UK, Namibia, and the Netherlands include:

1. Anger 5. Surprise
2. Fear 6. Amusement
3. Disgust 7. Triumph
4. Sadness 8. Relief

In addition to the 8 vocalizations listed above, the validated set of vocalizations from the US is larger and includes 14 other stimuli: 

1. Contempt 8. Desire
2. Embarrassment 9. Enthusiasm
3. Guilt 10. Gratitude
4. Shame 11. Interest
5. Awe 12. Love
6. Compassion 13. Pride
7. Contentment 14. Sensory Pleasure

Laughter clips from France, the UK, Japan, the Netherlands, the US, and Namibia are also available. These stimuli are freely available to investigators for use in scientific research, but no commercial use is permitted.


If you would like to use nonverbal vocalizations of emotion in your research, get in touch with Dr Disa Sauter.

Dr. D.A. (Disa) Sauter

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group Social Psychology