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The Amsterdam Dynamic Facial Expression Set (ADFES)

The ADFES is a rich stimulus set comprising 648 filmed emotional expressions. What sets the ADFES stimulus set apart from previous sets is:

  • The set consists of dynamic expressions rather than static pictures.
  • The set features displays of nine emotions: the six ‘basic’ emotions (anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, and surprise), as well as contempt, pride and embarrassment.
  • Expressions are displayed by 22 models (10 female, 12 male).
  • The set includes both Northern-European and Mediterranean models.
  • The set utilizes active head-turning to clarify the directedness of the expressions.

For these reasons, we expect that this stimulus set is useful for various types of research. The ADFES is freely available to investigators for use in scientific research. Non-commercial use of the set is permitted. 

The stimuli in the ADFES have been validated in two studies and received excellent recognition rates. More information about the creation and validation of the set can be found in:

  • Van der Schalk, J., Hawk, S. T., Fischer, A. H., & Doosje, B. J. (2011). Moving faces, looking places: The Amsterdam Dynamic Facial Expressions Set (ADFES), Emotion, 11, 907-920. DOI: 10.1037/a0023853